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bumGenius Newborn All in One Dazzle Newborn Hook/Loop

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Award-winning, ultra gentle and designed for babies less than 12 pounds! bumGenius Newborn Cloth Diapers are an all-in-one system that fits low below the navel to keep the umbilical area dry.
An all-in-one is a cloth diaper with the absorbent layer integrated into the waterproof outer layer. It goes on in one step.
No stuffing, no diaper cover and no folding means that this is the easiest-to-use and quite possibly, the most convenient newborn diaper you can buy.
These fantastic all-in-one diapers are made with an outer fabric that is safe to wash in hot water.
The closures are hook & loop, just like disposable diapers.
The inner-core is ultra-absorbent.
The lining fabric keeps your baby's bottom dry. bumGenius Stretch-To-Fit Tabs
The tabs have that stretch that you love in deluxe disposable diapers.
The ultra-gentle leg elastic will keep the messes in!