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Ju-Ju Monkey Deep Cleaning

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If you have less than 25 diapers, please type in 25 for QUANTITY listed above.  

Minimum fee for prepping is $12.50 and for stripping is $25.

Ju-Ju Monkey offers deep cleaning & diaper stripping for your personal cloth diapers.  Buildup of hard water minerals, ammonia and/or detergent can cause diapers to repel liquids, lose absorbency and smell.  We deep clean, strip and sanitize your diapers; leaving them clean and absorbent and more importantly making you less frustrated.

We can provide a supply of loaner diapers for an additional $10.  This will keep you out of disposables. Please reserve these diapers one week in advance of bringing in your diapers for service. 

 How to count your diapers:

  • One shell and one insert = 1 diaper
  • One insert = 1 diaper
  • One prefold = 1 diaper
  • One All-In-One = 1 diaper
  • One pocket diaper = 1 diaper

Please type in your amount of diapers to be prepped or stripped in the QTY section. 25 diaper minimum.

If you have ANY diapers that are delaminating or where the PUL is not in tact, we will not strip them. 
We will not strip diapers that have excessive amounts of diaper cream or oils as those need to be hand scrubbed to have the oils removed.

Turnaround Time

We strip diapers on Sunday and Monday.  You can drop them off Tuesday - Saturday and expect to have them back the following Tuesday.

If you are not local and would still like us to strip your diapers just cover the shipping and we can do it!  Please email us ahead of time.


You can select a deep cleaning with or without the use of bleach. We highly recommend the use of bleach if your diapers have been exposed to yeast, fungal infections, staph etc.   Most manufacturers allow at least one bleaching of their products per month. However, Ju-Ju Monkey is not liable for any warranties that are voided in the process of this deep cleaning regardless of use or no use of bleach.

Loaner Diapers

We can provide a supply of loaner diapers for an additional $10. Please contact us 1 week in advance to reserve these diapers for you. This fee will be charged upon confirmation of the reservation.

Diaper Stripping Contract and Waiver of Liabilty

We will email you a damage waiver that you can email back to us or turn in with the pickup of your diapers. This is acknowledgment of the services being performed and includes an inventory of what you are bringing in.