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Feeding with Love and Good Sense

 How is your relationship with food? Do you consider it healthy? Do you want your child to have a healthy relationship wih food? If so, this course is a good fit to analyze you and your families relationship with food. Taught by a Registered Dietitian, Kandi Perazzo, has over 11 years experience and has a Masters Degree in Nutrition Education.

A good feeding relationship with your child starts at day one and makes all the difference between joy or struggle in feeding. This brief, beautiful, compact, engaging workshop gets today’s busy parents off to a good and authoritative start with feeding. Full of Satter's pithy advice and real-life feeding stories. Gives a concise behavioral and nutritional guide to feeding children, emphasizing what to do in words and pictures, and demonstrating why to do it with feeding stories. The emphasis is on tuning in, on understanding, and feeding children in a stage-appropriate way. 

There is a central theme about the "division of responsibility" at various stages of child development and, basically: "You (as parent) are responsible for the WHAT, WHEN and WHERE of feeding. Your child is responsible for the HOW MUCH and WHETHER of eating." 

Cost is per family. Handouts will be emailed to you on the first day of class.

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