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Referral Program:

If you refer someone who ends up making a purchase, I will give you $5 Ju-Ju Bucks (store credit), which can be used toward future purchases.  All you have to do is tell your friends to list you as the person who referred them when they create their account at checkout.


Buy something from Ju-Ju Monkey, take a picture of you using it and post it on your wall and tag Ju-Ju Monkey and earn yourself $1 Ju-Ju Bucks.  Ju-Ju Monkey must be tagged for verification.  You do this by "liking" us and then using the "@" followed by "Ju-Ju Monkey".

Guest Blogger:

We kindly request all submitted material be new and not previously posted.  Include some pictures for an even better post!  Tell us about your cloth diapering experiences, reviews of our products, or any other thing you think might be interesting.  All posts that are used will become the property of Ju-Ju Monkey and copyrighted.

If we use/post your submission, you will be credited with Ju-Ju Bucks!

Errors on the Site:

Be the first person to report an error on the site and get $0.50 Ju-Ju Bucks.  Typos, description cut off, spelling error, etc. Use the contact us form or e-mail us to report the issue.


We want to thank all of you who leave a review for us.  The beginning of every month we will randomly pick a winner of a $10 gift certificate from all the reviews listed in Lehigh Valley Find and Go Seek, our Facebook page, Yelp, Foursquare, and Google+. If you post elsewhere, please share the link with us so we can track it.  Post reviews in multiple locations for more entries.  Once posted, your review will count every month going forward. A winner can not win again in the same calendar quarter.