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Gift Registry

Congratulations on your pregnancy! What a beautiful and exciting time of your life.

You may find that many of your friends will wish to buy you and/or your new monkey a gift during this special time.

By setting up an online registry you can send the link to friends who’ve asked, or simply put the details on your baby shower invites. If you’d like printed cards from us to include with your invitations, please contact us, we’re happy to provide some.

When setting up a gift registry... We've added a new registry system that is more user-friendly for friends and family to view and purchase gifts for you! Why worry about unwanted or duplicate gifts? Help your friends find the perfect gift by setting up a gift registry. They’ll save time too by ordering it on-line. To add gifts to your registry, please use the convenient “Add to Registry” buttons located on our product pages.

When shopping for a registry, please enter "Registry for" and the name of the registrant (Or ID#) in the comments section at checkout.  Thank you! 

If you are here to view the gift list and purchase a gift, please use the search box below to find your friend’s registry.

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Ju-Ju Monkey suggestions for your registry:

The list below will provide you with 24 newborn diaper changes, 24 diaper changes for 8-35 lbs (1-36 months), 6-12 months worth of laundry detergent, and 2 months supply of flushable liners.

Always a good idea to include gift certificates so you can buy more of the things you enjoy or didn't realize you need.  Include the newborn rental so you can save on one stage of the diapering process.

Quanity Product Why you Want it
12-30  Cloth wipes To avoid using disposable wipes, which may make it into your wash and put lint everywhere.
6-12  Diaper Doublers  To add absorbency for naps and nights

Large pail liner  

(or use a hanging pail)

For kitchen sized trash can located next to changing table.  You may forgo the trash can and use a hanging pail here as well.
1 Hanging pail  For back of bathroom door once baby starts solids.  You can dump in toilet and walk a minimal distance to laundry pail
1 Wetbag For when you're out
6 pk Flushable Liners To make diaper changes easy and less messy.  Required for instances when you need to use a diaper cream
 2-4 Cloth Diaper Safe Detergent Detergent should be fragrance- and color-free with no optical brighteners or fabric softeners.  You do not want to scotch guard your diapers, or leave chemicals behind that will interact with urine and cause rash.
 1 Cloth Diaper Safe Diaper Cream

Diaper cream is used to put a waterproof protectant layer on your baby's skin when skin is irritated.  Do not use as a preventative measure.  Only use when necessary.

Avoid any creams or ointments containing petroleum, fish oil and/or zinc oxide.  These do not wash out easily and will cause repelling and leaks.  Very difficult to remove.  

Use plant based creams because they are more water soluble and will rinse away in the wash more easily.

1 Diaper Sprayer Makes clean up easy.
1 Bummis Newborn Pack

Fits babies from 5-9 lbs.

Includes 12 organic cotton prefold inserts and 2 perfect-fitting newborn wraps


Snappi fasteners 



Can be used birth to potty training.  Used with flats, prefolds, and/or fitteds.
3 Newborn Fitted Diapers

Weight range approximately 5-15 lbs

Great absorbency for nighttime once baby starts sleeping 5+ hours.


Size 1 Covers

(Applecheeks or Thirsties)

Weight range approximately 5-15 lbs

To be used with prefolds and fitteds and acts as the waterproof layer.  Wool is also a good substitute for a cover because it it all natural, keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and highly absorbent, not to mention naturally anti-bacterial. See why wool is awesome here!

6 Newborn All in one Makes sleep deprived night time diaper changes super easy and quick.
2 One-Size Softbums covers

Fits babies from 6-35 lbs.

Fits small babies best out of all one-size diapers.  

 3 Softbums  Mini Pods  Used as insert when baby is small.  Can be used as doubler once baby is bigger.
 6 Softbums Pods (Stay dry or Bamboo)  Stay dry is cost effective.  Bamboo is more absorbent.
 6  bumGenius Freetime All-In-One Diapers

Fits 8-35+ pounds

Day Care friendly.  Easy to use.  Quick drying. No separate inserts required.


Size 2 Covers

(Applecheeks or Thirsties)

To be used with prefolds and fitteds and acts as the waterproof layer. 
 6 Bamboo Prefolds

Bamboo is very absorbent and trim.  Can be used in your size 1 and/or 2 covers. 

Can save money by getting Applecheeks Little Bundle

 6  Tots Bots Easy Fit All-In-One Diaper Fits 8-35+ pounds

Day Care friendly.  Easy to use.  Quick drying. No separate inserts required.

 1 Milk Saver It collects your leaking breast milk when you nurse, allowing you to store breast milk effortlessly and not waste a drop!
 1 Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bra Hands free pumping.  Need I say more?

 2 multipacks


3-6 daytime and 1-3 overnights

Breast Pads Prevents milk from leaking onto your shirts.
 1 Babywearing Wrap

Babies love to be held and feel close to their parents.  Baby wearing allows you to bond with your baby and still have your hands free to move around.

Baby-carrying provides the natural rhythm of movement and tactile stimulation that small babies need for proper neurological development. Constantly carried babies fall asleep quickly in the comfort of their sling - some babies may always fall asleep while carried.

 1 Soft Structured Carrier Babywearing in a backpack is the most comfortable and easy way to hold baby. Distributes weight evenly from parent's shoulders to hips and aligns baby's center of gravity as close to parent's body as possible.


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