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Mason Bottle 4 oz w/Sleeve

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The Mason Bottle includes one silicone nipple, a plastic cap, and regular-mouth mason jar complete with metal lid and collar.

Advanced Anti-Colic Ventilation

Mason Bottle nipples are made from medical-grade silicone. The nipple uses a dual-valve ventilation system that mimics the human body. Milk flows smoothly to reduce gas and colic.

Sizing Information

  • The 4 oz. Mason Bottle comes with a Slow Flow Nipple (0-3 Months).
  • Additional nipple sizes are also sold separately: Medium Flow (3-6 Months),Fast Flow (6+ Months), and Fastest Flow (6+ Months and Thicker Liquids).

Washing Instructions

Mason Bottle silicone nipples, plastic caps, and the glass mason jars themselves are dishwasher safe. The metal lid and collar that come with the mason jar should not go in the dishwasher. These items should be rinsed and dried thoroughly.

A Note About the Lifespan of Mason Jars

While glass mason jars can be used over and over again for years, if not decades, this is not true for their metal lids and collars. These metal two-piece lids are designed to be used for canning, and as such, are not meant to withstand repeated trips through the dishwasher.  Please note that mason jar lids do tend to rust over time.

For now, this is outside of Mason Bottle's control since we do not make mason jars for our products, but purchase them from a Ball Canning Jar distributor. We hope to come out with a dishwasher-safe and rust-proof lid at some point, but for now, please be aware that mason jar lids don't last a lifetime. On the bright side, new metal collars can be purchased for a few dollars at any local hardware store.