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Newborn Diaper Rental


Cloth Diapering a Newborn

Have you seen a tiny newborn baby in a one-size cloth diaper? It's comical.

It has been our experience that the one-size cloth diapers normally do not fit a newborn very well until they have reached at least 10 lbs.  Since many people prefer to save money by purchasing one-size diapers and do not want the added expense of purchasing newborn diapers, we figured a newborn cloth diaper rental program was needed.

With the newborn cloth diaper rental program, you will have the opportunity to cloth diaper your  newborn using modern cloth diapers that are just as convenient as disposables. These cloth diapers for newborns will provide the perfect fit for this phase (0-4 months / 4-12 lbs.)

After those first few months, your baby can easily transition to the ever popular one-size diapers. 

For all the details or to make your reservation, please visit the Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental product page.


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