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Sites We Love

We at come across some pretty amazing products, services and resources and want to share them with you. Although we are not in any way affiliated with these resources, we do recommend them based on content, product and customer satisfaction.

While choosing which websites we feel are worthy of recommendation, we also look to make sure they are related to children and healthy, green living.


LifeSpan Day Care Center (CLOTH DIAPER FRIENDLY)

Time at LifeSpan Day Care Center in Allentown is time well spent. Infants and toddlers receive sensory awareness, hands-on education and nurturing care from our reputable staff. Pre-school and Kindergarten aged children enjoy our learning-based curriculum in the following areas:

* Computer Tots
* Spanish
* Sign Language
* Music
* Stretch -n- Grow  


Electric Vehicle Event

Lehigh Valley Electric Vehicle Show



Butter Valley Harvest

Our family-owned business uses hydroponics to grow lettuce and herbs year-round and tomatoes and cucumbers harvested March through December.  The first seeds were planted in early November 2008, and we are now able to offer you the freshest lettuce and herbs from our farm on Route 100 in Bally, PA.  In addition to the market we run on the farm, we are working with several distributors and grocery stores to get our produce in your hands as easily and conveniently as possible.  It is our vision to use our family farm to provide for the produce needs of the local community.



Small Earth Travel

Small Earth Agents take the stress out of planning your next vacation. Let us create the trip you've always wanted to take, without any of the hassle. Whether you are looking for a relaxing all-inclusive resort, a family cruise, or a magical Disney vacation, we can help you. We know the hot destinations and have access to the hottest deals! We pledge to only send you on a vacation that we'd love to take too!



Moms of Multiples of the Lehigh Valley

Are you an expecting mother of twins in the Lehigh Valley? Struggling with raising your twins, triplets or higher order multiples? Looking for a group of supportive moms who can relate to what you’re going through? Interested in having your children join in fun activities and social outings with other multiples? COME JOIN US!



Only Chloe Layne


Handmade vintage bibs, bonnets, wetbags and more



Pregnancy Corner

Your complete pregnancy guide



PA Energy Fest

A three-day festival about renewable energy, natural building construction, sustainable agriculture, land-use planning, forestry and healthy living practices in general.



What to Expect, When you are Expecting

Track your pregnancy week by week with