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How to Buy a Punch Card

Many of our drop in classes offer buy 5 get 1 free punch cards.  They do not expire as long as the class is still available. We don't forsee any of our instructors going anywhere anytime soon, so it is safe to say you will be able to purchase with peace of mind. Besides it's Ju-Ju Monkey's mission to ensure you get the best service always.

To purchase a punch card, you first need to have a login to our class registration system. If you have booked online before from home, then you have a login and can proceed to the customer dashboard. Otherwise please create an account here.

If you are trying to create a new account and you get the error message stating your email address is already in use, please hit the forgot my password button. This means that we created the account for you in store, but we did not set up a password for you (well because passwords are private). So you need to reset the password so you can login for the first time.

Once you have an account in the class registration system, you then need to proceed to the customer dashboard.

The dashboard will look like this


Click on prepaid packages.  Then select the punchcard you want to purchase.  This will apply 6 credits (aka punches) to your account, which can be seen and tracked in "Your prepaid credits".

When ready to register for a class, the credit for the class will automatically populate as the form of payment.

If you have any problems at any stage of the process, please feel free to contact us and we will assist you. Please know that during store hours we may be assisting other customers and may not be able to get to right away. However, we will get back to you the first chance we get.


Thank you again for choosing to support a local Lehigh Valley business. By taking classes, you are actually helping multiple small businesses, many of which are mom owned and operated.  Your support makes a big impact to your community. 

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