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Rhythm in Motion

Session Length: Single Class *Pre-registration suggested as the class typically is full in advance. Cancellations refunded only if made prior to 24 hours of class.

Cost: $12 ($10.50 ea if you have 2+ children)  


New From More Than Music, LLC…
With music comes movement, and in our new “Rhythm in Motion” class we will celebrate and explore this natural pairing. The fundamentals of eurhythmy will allow all participants to experience the deeper mind-body connections, increased spatial awareness, and harmony that occur through movement to music. Laurie Berkner’s acclaimed children’s music will be widely used to open up doors for connection, fun, and creative movement.

Board-Certified Music Therapist Hilari Stahler has completed Laurie Berkner’s “The Music in Me” training program and will utilize these techniques throughout class. This class is designed for children ages 9 months through 6 years and their caretaker. In addition to movement opportunities, you and your child will experience vocal exploration and instrument improvisation in an environment enriched by live music making.

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